Friday, July 6, 2007

A sadly theme-less entry

This entry has no theme, I'm disappointed to report. On the bright side, I do have pictures!

This is the Chinese Embassy. It looks rather nice, although I’m not too pleased with it at the moment. I’ve made two trips out there (during work, of course, as that is also their normal business hours) and I still haven’t been able to lodge my visa application. The third time had better be the charm!

As I was walking to work today, I saw this flock of cockatoos. It looked very bizarre to me, as cockatoos are normally in zoos or pet shops in the States. Here though, they’re just a normal bird. Weird!

Ouch! Dafydd was driving to work last week, and he ran into a kangaroo. It destroyed the headlight and caused a lot of damage, but believe it or not, the kangaroo survived! For how long afterwards though, I’m not sure…

I saved my pottery for last as it has nothing to do with Australia, and I suspect it falls into the category of “things only a mother would be interested in.” I will admit though, I’m absurdly proud of it all, so I took far longer than was necessary to pick out a spot to photograph it. (The bathroom had the best light, not to mention a nice empty white counter.) In my defense, it was Friday afternoon so my vanity didn’t interfere with anything.

Here are the products of my pottery class:

There's no way to get a perspective of size in most of these pictures, but this is the size of a normal glass.

These are bigger, as you can see from the next picture, compared to the tissue box. The left vase is blue on the inside.

You can tell I was taking these pictures in the bathroom, I think.

This pitcher is one of my favorites. It's a little bigger than the previous two pieces.

This one I actually think is just plain ugly, but I kept and glazed it anyway. Perhaps someone else will fall in love with it (as perhaps only a mother could do.)

This is the only big bowl of mine which survived the firing process, but it still got a little cracked in the bottom. Note the faint blue stripe on the inside.

This bowl is so beautiful, but its bottom cracked off, which you can't really tell from the picture. My teacher sanded it to make it sit flat, but it broke all the way through, so it's sadly useless as a bowl.

I love this bowl! Too bad it has a chip in the rim. All of my three big bowls are the same size, which is much bigger than anything I've made previously, as you can tell from the tissue box.

Dafydd said that it has a spoon rest built in. As it's the only bowl with an intact bottom and therefore usable, I think that's a pretty good suggestion.

I think this might be my favorite piece. It's smaller than the previous bowls, about the size of a cereal bowl. It's not quite the right shape to be used as a bowl, but I love the shape too much to care.

Brownie points for anyone who read all the way through me explaining the minutiae of my pottery pieces.


Liz said...

pottery = clutch.

you should make me a bowl... i'd use it to put little gummy treats in for when people come to my apartment. nothing illegal and immoral will go in there if you make me one (i promise) haha

Katelynn said...

That pot that you said was ugly: I think that it is pretty.