Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bateman's Bay

All along I have thought to myself that for all the pictures I post, I probably should have just skipped the blog and put my pictures up on a website like Photo Bucket or Flickr. This post makes that all the more clear.

I had a really hard time choosing which pictures to use. They are all so beautiful! I just loved the coast. It was very different from the coast in North Carolina. I think the beach we went to might aptly be described as rugged, an overused term perhaps, but I can come up with no better word.

We could hear Kookaburras where we were. If you click on the name, it should be a link to an audio clip. It's a familiar sound, but I always thought it was a monkey call! (Kookaburras are birds. They look a bit like woodpeckers.)

The girls built sand castles. They have quite good designs, as they lived in Scotland for a year when they were younger, and visited many real castles.

I couldn't get over the view! It was just incredible. I really wish I could have gone swimming and explored by way of the water.

I won't discose exactly how long, or how many failed pictures, it took to capture the surf spray like this. I do think it was worth it though.

A beautiful little cave that we had to walk past to get around to the main beach. It was so cool!

Seagulls are rather universal, but they provide good perspective here. I was rather enamored with the island, and it appears in quite a few more picture I haven't included. During the summer, Dafydd said you can swim out to it.

As you can see, the bush comes right up to the waterfront.

Isn't it gorgeous? Apparently, on the other side of this strip of land is a house owned by Nicole Kidman's family. They said the town turns into quite a circus when she comes to visit.

Here's the house we stayed in. Dafydd's family has owned this plot of land for a few decades now.

Pelicans - this harbor scene remined my a lot of Finding Nemo. The pelicans were here to catch scraps from the fish and chips shop.

This was the amazing fish and chips shop. It was so good! The fish was lovely, white and tender, with amazing saltly greasy batter. It beat a Friday night fish fry anyday, I must say.

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