Friday, December 7, 2007

Xiamen University

I have neglected to post some pictures of my beautiful campus here in Xiamen. Xiamen University is known for being one of the most beautiful university campuses in China, and although I have little to compare it against, I believe it's an accurate reputation.

This is the center of campus, as seen from the 9th floor of my dormitory.

This is the view from my bedroom - the seaside! It's very lovely, but as you can see, it's often quite foggy (smoggy.)

The other direction, still from my bedroom window.

They have lots of statues and sculptures around, including these computer mice on the beach. I think they're so funny - a great touch of whimsy!

Some mornings I run or walk along the beach. The weather is nearly always perfect, and it's fun to watch the Chinese people doing Tai Qi in the morning or taking a swim (even if I would never dare to do so!)

This may be my last post, as I leave for Beijing early Wednesday morning. I should have some awesome pictures and experiences from my time there, but I may not have time to post about it until after returning home.