Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Party

Merry late Christmas! A week before Christmas, my school threw a giant Christmas party. It was a little ridiculous, actually, but a lot of fun. The best part was that I MC'd the party - in Chinese! My students also all performed really well, and, as you can imagine, looked adorable. Below you can see my PreK students (aged 2) performing "Jingle Bells" in little Santa hats and capes.

The teachers also put on performances. The Chinese teachers did a traditional Chinese fan dance (no relation to Christmas,) and we foreign teachers did a skit about receiving the wrong presents on Christmas morning. You can see me in the photo above, wearing my pajamas and looking sad about receiving a bear instead of a book. John, my coteacher to the left, isn't too happy either that I'm holding his toy bear, haha. The kids loved our skit, haha.

Here's everyone! The whole staff of Shanghai Victoria, Xinzhuang campus, plus one teacher's son, in the middle. You can just barely see me, second from the right.