Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bush Block

Friends of the Gwynn-Joneses own a plot of land out in the bush (what we would call the country.) We went out there for the day this Saturday. It was incredibly beautiful - I wish I was a better photographer, because I haven't really captured the epic nature of the landscape. It was a great day though, despite the not so great weather.

This is taken from the car on the way up, but it actually turned out quite well, despite being taken through the windshield.

Sian standing by a wombat hole - they're humongous! I saw quite a few holes, but sadly no wombats.

This is a real Aussie dunny (outhouse.) They call it the "Loo with a View," as it looks out onto the river (see next picture.)

I would love to come back in the summer. They hang out by the river, go canoing and tubing, and all other sorts of activities. It's so gorgeous!

Dafydd is barbecuing our snags (sausages) over the fire. At one point, when we'd gotten back from our hike in the light rain, our clothes were steaming as we stood by the fire.

Sian and Caitlin with the dog of one of the neighbors - note the adorable sweater!

This is on our hike up to see their waterfall. Since their friends have owned the property, the drought has been so bad that they've never seen water in the creek bed. We hiked up to see their waterfall, actually flowing for the first time in years.

Caitlin and I in the ravine. (also Paul and Sue, the owners of the property.) It was so beautiful there! None of my pictures did it justice. They own 600 acres, and it sounds an awful lot like paradise being able to just explore the bush at will. There are no trails, just whatever paths you make/find. Real bush-whacking!

Sian and Sue by the waterfall. You can see Lenny, Sue's dog in the pool. The dogs didn't seem to mind the freezing cold!

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Anna said...

I am so terribly Melissa-deprived. Upon seeing the picture of you with your host sister (in which you are super tiny and can hardly be made out), I nearly jumped. Come back to me soon. For the week that we are in Charlotte at the same time, can you just like live with me?