Friday, June 8, 2007

Home and Office

Warning! This post may fall under the category "things only a mother would be interested in." This is my bedroom. It's down the hall from the furnace, but right across from a vent from the fireplace.
This is the fireplace - it's a working fireplace, not just for the ambiance. Every evening when we all get home from work and school Dafydd will start a fire to heat up the house. It gets very warm in the living room! (And it smells wonderful.)

This is the house - you can see that the drought is what they call a Green Drought, meaning that there's been a small amount of rain, enough for grass to grow and the trees to sprout leaves, but barely making a dent in the dried up water reserves.

This is my work! Some days I'm the only person in the office (not in the whole building though, there are a lot of other businesses.)

This is my desk. Occasionally I get kicked out by the book-keeper, but otherwise I sit here most of the day.

Other interns work part time (as does my boss) so there is at least one other person there most days. Yesterday there were two other interns, and it was very nice. They're both university students as well. One is Australian, but the other is from Singapore. Funny story: A gentleman came in an hour early for a talk on East Timor yesterday. He was obviously blind: cane, sunglasses, etc. Husien (the intern from Singapore) guided him into our library to sit (holding his hand,) and the first thing he asked the gentleman was: "Would you like a book to read?"

From what we could here in the other room, the gentleman bluntly stated "No, I'm blind," and Husien made some sort of mumbling embarrassed reply. He looked rather sheepish when he came back in.

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Anna said...

Your desk is so pretty! I'm so jealous! Even though I have my own office it is a complete mess (all the materials - including old t-shirts and posters - from every past festival is in that room)...add in the hundred artist applications I am processing to that and it is a nightmare!