Sunday, June 10, 2007

Australia National Museum

Toni and the girls took me to Australia National Museum. It was fantastic - there were lots of great exhibits. Even the outside was fascinating, as you can see below. That's not actually that great of a picture - it's hard to capture the full view.

Everything about the museum looks very modern; the museum was only built in the last decade.

This is Sian climbing down from one of the interactive exhibits. There were different houses from different areas of Australia.

This is a Holden: the first Australian car.

There are different post office boxes from throughout Australia's history. They are still red today, a British legacy.

Here are the girls in the play area. They didn't stay still for very long!

I learned lots of new Aussie slang at the museum (they had an exhibit about it.) "Fair dinkum" means a fair deal, "snags" are sausages, and "bonzer" means great, among many other things.

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