Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beautiful Bangkok (1/3)

Trip to Thailand, Part One of Three

สวัสดีค่ะ! (Hello!) This year for my Chinese New Year break I headed to Thailand with my mom. I'd had Thailand recommended by many people for its accessibility, diversity of activities, friendly people, and delicious food. Thailand did not disappoint on any count; in fact, I'm beginning to think I chose the wrong Asian country to live in.

We started our trip in Bangkok, which sounded rather intimidating to me, but since we stayed in the older, more laid back area, we had a lovely time. Our hotel was adorable and within walking distance of the places we wanted to see.

First up was the Chatuchak market - 6,000 stalls and counting. It was shoppers paradise. We had only just arrived, and lots more trekking around the country to do, so we didn't buy much. Instead we walked around, marveling at the beautiful goods and delicious food.

I could write odes to Thailand's food. It is just incredibly delicious, and will be my go-to answer if anyone asks me my favorite type of food in the near future. Pad Thai is just the tip of the iceberg. We ate mostly from street carts during our stay, and will sorely miss them when we leave.

(A Tuk-Tuk, ubiquitous three wheeled golf cart masquerading as a taxi. They're fun, if you're ok with the potential for adventure.)

In Bangkok we also visited the Grand Palace - easily the most beautiful site we saw, in my opinion. It's terribly touristy outside, with friendly-seeming Thais approaching you to helpfully inform you that the Palace is closed for the morning, but they'd be happy to show you around elsewhere (like a fake gem market.) Luckily we were well informed of the scams before we went.

That didn't hurt our impression of Thai people though. The vast majority are incredibly friendly and helpful. "Land of Smiles" indeed.


Katelynn said...

How long are you staying?
Are you coming to beutiful Wisconsin this summer?

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures Mel...I can't wait to see parts 2 & 3! I'm so glad you and your mom had the chance to go together and see the beauty of Thailand.