Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It's the first snow here! It's just a flurry, but still exciting. Both the children and the teachers loved it - there were snowball fights all around. I'm wishing for a snow day tomorrow, but I'll still be setting my alarm and preparing for the day.

Since the weather has turned chilly here, I've discovered a rather humorous part about taking care of Chinese children. They're dressed up in more layers than Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story. It's really ridiculous - a child might be wearing five shirts/sweater/sweatshirts, and four pairs of pants! Getting them undressed for their nap after lunch takes forever.

Speaking of Christmas, please forgive me for belatedly noticing: it's almost here! We've been frantically preparing for a Christmas party at my school, which you'd think would put me in the Christmas spirit, but it hasn't really. Despite our students being 2-5, the party is a ridiculous extravaganza which has put a lot of stress on teachers and students alike. I'll certainly enjoy the party when it happens this Friday, but I really can't wait for the preparations to end. One part I am extremely excited about though: I get to MC the event - in Chinese!

Last week we decorated the school, and I must admit I really, really enjoyed it. I dragged over a CD player and turned on some Christmas music, and voila! It was lovely and festive. The pictures below are from that day. (All taken with my phone, as is the norm lately...)

The head teacher (and my boss) helping one of the other teachers put up a banner.

Two of my coworkers, looking especially festive.

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Erin said...

Love the snow & Christmas pictures! You need to get someone to video or photograph your MC job so you can post it forus to see. Jason had 2" of snow and more coming down when I heard from him this AM. He got snow off a elevated walkway and bombed students between classes from a 4th floor window! Enjoy...