Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Interrupt This Broadcast

I just got back from Shanghai, for the billionth time. I call it my second home in China, and not in jest. I met two friends from UNC there, one who lives in Shanghai and the other who flew in from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We had a FANTASTIC time, despite the horrible weather (cold and rainy.) Among the many adventures we had: the Shanghai Literary Festival to hear Junot Diaz give a talk, the Shanghai Museum to see some incredible pottery (my weakness,) and a Southern restaurant for some great biscuits and blueberry pie. I kid you not- biscuits in China!

My schedule this semester is beyond wonderful - I only have class Wednesday-Friday, so I can easily travel on the weekends. My friends in Shanghai are going to grow sick of me before I even get the chance to actually move there.

Right now though, I'm back home in Quanzhou, planning classes and trying to stay warm. It was incredibly warm and humid until a few days ago, when the temperature dropped, and I started piling on the layers. I look like the Michelin Man as I putter around my apartment, but at least I'm warm.

Look for more posts from my travels soon!


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