Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"A day may sink or save a realm."
-Alfred Lord Tennyson

Tyler and I had a great opportunity while we were in Syria. We got special paperwork that allowed us to go visit Quneitra, a city in the Golan Heights that is still controlled by Syria. Israel took over much of the Golan Heights during the Six Day's War, and most of it still remains under Israeli control.

Quneitra was completely destroyed during the war, but Syria decided not to rebuild the city and to leave it as the Israelis left it. Everything save concrete and steel beams was looted, and then everything else was destroyed, so the city is ghostly and stark. Most of the buildings are completely collapsed, just flattened piles of concrete now.

The city has an eerie beauty though. It's quiet,and overgrown by greenery - grass, plants, and trees grow among the bullet-pocked ruins. We climbed to the top of a minaret and explored various abandoned homes, houses of worship, and the hospital. Everything still standing was, of course, covered in bullet holes though.

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